We don’t see them anymore. We’ve forgotten their names. By rediscovering them, we set on a path to unlock new potential to the wonders of the botanical world. Just maybe we can become a little more plant-like? 

So began the Field Notes of the Biota Beings.

The new Field Notes of the Biota Beings compile observations of plant and human interactions and exchanges. The Field Notes include a guidebook and casting cloth.

The cloth, featuring its new map, is not just a piece of fabric. It's a versatile tool that follows in the vein of Japanese Tenugui and Furoshiki cloths. The Field Notes cloth can be worn as a scarf, transformed into a bag, or used to secure broken equipment during your journeys. It's a source of material for fixing things, a creative prompt, a wearable, and a symbol of change. The adaptability of the tool is a testament to the ethos of flexibility, a quality we believe is crucial in navigating a changing world.

The map encodes a system that is a tool to inspire change. It is a casting cloth to help us explore ourselves in alternative ways. The messages that we can generate by the tool refer to examples found in nature. These give ways to interpret the everyday and inspire other ways to consider ourselves as interconnected beings.

Our interest centres on creating work, tools and methods that inspire us to think differently about how we might adapt to change. They do this by challenging ideas about being human, such as through ecological connectedness. The latest edition of the Field Notes of the Biota Beings features a casting cloth and guidebook, to revisit old knowledge, introduce recent discoveries, and inspire alternative stories of a merging between plants and humans.

The Biota Beings are a proposal for a community 'in the making'. They form around a mission to develop a heightened sense and sensibility of connections with non-humans and dynamic natural systems on biome scales.

The casting cloth is a functional artefact created by the imagined Biota Beings.

They sent back this second version of the Field Notes so you, too, can discover the retelling of our relationship with the botanical world.

Stories and discoveries within the tool share a common thread of finding closer relationships with plants and the fluid exchanges between us. If we allow their magic to guide us, there is much to learn from plants. Perhaps they might not be the silent bystanders and so different from us as we might once have thought. 

The latest edition of the Field Notes of the Biota Beings invites you to adventure and on your journey to meet botanical companions who unlock inspiration to make change.

Further information is available at the Field Notes of the Biota Beings.

The work builds on our previous Biota Beings project, available at www.burtonnitta.co.uk/biotabeings

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