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Burton Nitta books are available in various formats, including ebooks and paperback. We also produce creative tools which include decks of cards and the Field Notes casting cloth.
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Field Notes of the Biota Beings: Ocean Forest set

Pre-Orders open now. Shipping from 28November 2023

Now available: the Biota Beings Cloth and accompanying Guidebook, containing a creative prompt tool inspired by ecological connectedness. There are two colour ways to choose from: purple on white, or white on black.

Cloth dimensions: 42cm x 42cm approx. Printed on 100% cotton.
Guidebook: A6 size. 70 page softcover book. Features hand drawn illustration.

The Biota Beings are a speculative community who were once like you, but now evolved into biota-conscious beings. 

This cloth contains a code that shares the Biota Beings' discoveries and field notes on ecological connections. 

The cloth is inspired by the Tenugui cloth that originates from ancient Japanese tradition. 

Like the Tenugui, the cloth is a versatile tool used for wearing as protection, carrying food, and fixing things during exploration. 

The Biota Beings also use the cloth as a casting cloth to generate ideas and guide their decision-making.

A guidebook accompanying the cloth gives full details about how you can use the cloth for inspiration and as a tool for creative change making. 

The Ocean Forest version of the Field Notes is the first in a series of six cloths. There is a limited edition of each cloth, so order now to avoid disappointment. 

Use the cloth to discover prompts to inspire fresh insights into the world and your place within it.

Shipped from the UK.

Direct from Burton Nitta:

The Reality Coach Cards
Volume1: Loom

Published in Spring 2021.

The Reality Coach Cards is a tool to inspire and guide thoughts to enable change.

You can use the Reality Coach Cards in a variety of different ways. The concept bridges our inner and outer realities; helping you to search within to imagine possibilities for change in the wider world. It uses metaphors to prompt thoughts and create space, giving you the means to consider options and providing oxygen for your creative sparks. It will challenge you to see beyond normalisations and to escape the limits of well-worn thought patterns.

As the internal mind-scape changes, can we gain new perspectives to transform the external world? Can we harness the power of our minds; imagining, then creating, alternative possibilities to meet ever shifting global challenges?

There are two options to purchase The Reality Coach Cards: as a physical guidebook and deck of cards; the physical book as a standalone; and as a digital ePub. 

This book was conceived to accompany a deck of cards and can also be used as a standalone guide. It features the first volume of 24 cards including the hand-drawn illustrations and prompts to help create change. It also offers ideas to build your own deck of the Reality Coach Cards.

The system behind the Reality Coach Cards is three years in the making by internationally acclaimed artists Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta. Wide-ranging influences shape the system, including the study of other species (especially octopus and whales), neuroscience, design, storytelling, folklore, cartomancy, coaching and futurology practice.

So stretch your mind wide open and deal yourself new worlds and ways of thinking.

Share your discoveries to send ripples into the world to shift and shape realities.

Direct from Burton Nitta:

Also available in:

ebook in Apple Books,  BARNES & NOBLE, Rakuten kobo, Torino, OverDrive, bibliotheca, BAKER & TAYLOR, vivlii, Borrow Box.


Published in Spring 2021.

What it is to be human and what could we become to face a world in crisis?

To survive the challenges of climate change and the sustainability of a global population, we need to adapt and transform as a species. How much are we willing to change and who will we be as a result?

Acclaimed artists Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta introduce us to curious creatures, expert collaborators, and emerging technologies. Their artworks reveal how these could disrupt current behaviours with world-changing routes of human evolution.

This book follows a TEDx talk and gives a pacey and personal introduction to the artists' work.

In response to an urgent call to limit the impact of human actions, this book is an invitation for us all to consider - who or what could we be?

After You.

Available from:

Simpler and lighter version ebook available in Apple Books,  BARNES & NOBLE, Rakuten kobo, Torino, OverDrive, bibliotheca, BAKER & TAYLOR, vivlii, Borrow Box.

New Organs of Creation

Published in Autumn 2019.

New Organs of Creation booklet explains further details about the project.

New Organs of Creation presents a hypothetical development of the human larynx (voice box), using tissue engineering, to extend the ability of the voice as a transformational instrument. The resulting voice attempts to enable a singer to talk directly to the body’s cells and steer the state of biological matter.

The summary of the project is available at:

A4 size, full colour print, shipped from the U.K.

Direct from Burton Nitta:

Landscape Within

Published in winter 2017.

Landscape Within updates the popular saying ‘you are what you eat’ to propose that ‘you are also where your food is grown, the landscape where you live and what your parents and grandparents were exposed to in their lifetime’. The project reveals how our bodies and minds are changed by heavy metal contamination as a result of industrial activity and waste. 

The summary of the project is available at:


210mm x 210mm, full colour, Perfect bound book, shipped from the U.K.

Direct from Burton Nitta:

The Algae Opera 

Published in Autumn 2013.

The Algae Opera programme explains more about the project. The summary of the project is available at:

A4 size, full colour print, shipped from the U.K.

Direct from Burton Nitta:

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